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Statement Bag - City Girls 110 by VIDA VIDA HGB3CjrLN
Statement Bag - City Girls 110 by VIDA VIDA

Choosing a Medical Career

Applying to Medical School

Attending Medical School

Applying to Residency

Training in a Residency or Fellowship

This Bachelor’s programme collaborates with external companies, which means that you will have opportunity to do your semester projects in collaboration with these companies and gain some real-life, hands-on experiences while you are studying.

This is a full-time study programme, which is characterised by problem based project work in groups. You will be working closely with other students most of the time, and you are required to be present at the university on a daily basis and spend mostof your day there.

The Bachelor’s programme entitles youto the designation Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering (Manufacturing and Operations Engineering).

See the programme brochure (pdf):

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Mathematics is an essential tool in the Manufacturing and Operations Engineeringprogramme. We strongly advice that you have an above average grade in mathematics when applying for this programme. If you have doubts regarding your qualifications, please contact our student guidance counsellors.

Aalborg University is famous for its problem based learning where you work in a team on a large written assignment often collaborating with an industrial partner. This study method is also called “The Aalborg Model for Problem Based Learning”. The method is highly recognised internationally, and the university is host to a successful UNESCO chair in Problem Based Learning in Engineering Education and a Centre for PBL and Sustainability approved by UNESCO.

The problem based project work at Aalborg University gives you a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and competences at a high academic level in an independent manner. You get to apply theory to practice when you work to solve real-life problems, and you will be well prepared for your future career. Learn more about .

When doing project work, you work closely in groups with other students. This gives you the opportunity to cooperate, share knowledge and to explore larger and more complex academic problems than what you would have been able to do on your own. Furthermore, the groups serve a social purpose and make it easier for you to get to know your fellow students and feel more at home at the university. Learn more about teamwork at AAU .

Aalborg University works closely with the business community. This means that as a student you will work with real issues from companies and organisations. Thus, while you are studying, you already have the opportunity to enhance your academic competences with a business-oriented and practical angle.

At Aalborg University teaching is research based. This means that your lecturers are doing research within the same academic field as he or she is teaching. You thus have access to the latest knowledge and dedicated teachers who are passionate about what they teach. The teaching material not only includes books but may also consist of, for example, current academic articles from journals.

This workbook was developed for the eCPR certification training and provides a thoughtful discussion of the values of eCPR, the features of dialogue, and the primary components of eCPR: C = Connection, P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing. Other sections include how to prepare oneself to provide eCPR as well as tips for self-care. The workbook is filled with inspiring quotes, real-life examples of embodying the practice of eCPR, sample instructions for role plays, and other exercises.The workbook is designed for anyone who may encounter a person in emotional crisis - law enforcement, mental health peers, mental health providers, family members, and others.

Click here to purchase the workbook

Emotional CPR (eCPR) is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps:

C = Connecting P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing.

The Connecting process of eCPR involves deepening listening skills, practicing presence, and creating a sense of safety for the person experiencing a crisis. The emPowering process helps people better understand how to feel empowered themselves as well as to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life. In the Revitalizating process, people re-engage in relationships with their loved ones or their support system, and they resume or begin routines that support health and wellness which reinforces the person’s sense of mastery and accomplishment, further energizing the healing process.

eCPR is based on the principles found to be shared by a number of support approaches: trauma-informed care, counseling after disasters, peer support to avoid continuing emotional despair, emotional intelligence, suicide prevention, and cultural attunement. It was developed with input from a diverse cadre of recognized leaders from across the U.S., who themselves have learned how to recover and grow from emotional crises. They have wisdom by the grace of first- hand experience.

For more information, to schedule an introductory workshop or a certification training in eCPR, or If you would like to be an eCPR Ambassador and help spread the word about this exciting program, send us an email via the contact form , or call 877-246-9058.

contact form

Crisis as Universal Experience

Emotional crisis is a universal experience. It can happen to anyone, at any time. When we are exposed to this extraordinary situation, we develop amazing and creative ways to protect ourselves, To onlookers, these protective mechanisms may look very odd, even "crazy". To us, they have meaning. Through using eCPR we can better understand and overcome our fear of seemingly unusual behavior brought on by an emotional crisis. Through eCPR we learn how to form supportive connections that empower the person in emotional crisis so they are able to feel revitalized and quickly resume meaningful roles in the community.

Some of the more common mistakes are:

Buying on price. Cash shortage. Buying all the receivables. Failure to verify all data. Heavy payment schedules. Treating the seller unfairly.

The transition to new ownership is a big change for employees of a small business. To ensure a smooth transition, start the process before the deal is done. Make sure the owner feels good about what is going to happen to the business after he or she leaves. Spend some time talking to key employees, customers and suppliers before you take over; tell them about your plans and ideas for the business's future. Getting these key players involved and on your side makes running the business a lot easier.

Most sellers will help you in a transition period during which they train you in operating the business. This period can range from a few weeks to six months or longer. After the one-on-one training period, many sellers will agree to be available for phone consultation for another period of time. Make sure you and the seller agree on how this training will be handled, and write it into your contract.

If you buy the business lock, stock and barrel, simply putting your name on the door and running it as before, your transition is likely to be fairly smooth. On the other hand, if you buy only part of the business's assets, such as its client list or employees, then make a lot of changes in how things are done, you'll probably face a more difficult transition period.

Many new business owners have unrealistically high expectations that they can immediately make a business more profitable. Of course, you need a positive attitude to run a successful business, but if your attitude is "I'm better than you," you'll soon face resentment from the employees you've acquired.

Instead, look at the employees as valuable assets. Initially, they'll know far more about the business than you will; use that knowledge to get yourself up to speed, and treat them with respect and appreciation. Employees inevitably will feel worried about job security when a new owner takes over. That uncertainty is multiplied if you don't tell them what your plans are. Many new bosses are so eager to start running the show, they slash staff, change prices or make other radical changes without giving employees any warning. Involve the staff in your planning, and keep communication open so they know what is happening at all times. Taking on an existing business isn't always easy, but with a little patience, honesty and hard work, you'll soon be running things like a pro.

This how-to was excerpted from Start Your Own Business and Entrepreneur Magazine's Small Business Encyclopedia.

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November 19, 2014

Jennifer Gonzalez


This post contains Amazon Affiliate links; if you purchase from Amazon after going through theselinks, Cult of Pedagogy receives a small commission at no extra cost to you.

You have probably come to this article for one of two reasons: Either you want to start differentiating instruction in your classroom and don’t know where to start, or you already differentiate, but want to see if you’re missing anything. I have combed through tons of online resourceson how to differentiate instruction, and have put together this collection of the clearest, most high-quality resources for learning how to differentiate in your classroom. Off we go, then!

You have probably come to this article for one of two reasons:

Lots of teachers think they are differentiating, when they really kind of aren’t. So before you get started, give yourself a solid overview of what differentiation is (and isn’t) and how it works. To do that, you need to read Carol Tomlinson, whose work is the gold standard in differentiation. Her book, How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms , is the best one I’ve seen on the subject. And it’s short : At just over 100 pages, it’s a fast, easy read, and is full of useful information that will set you on the path toward high-quality differentiation.

In addition to explainingbasic principles, the book shows youhow to manage a differentiatedclassroom, teaches you specific strategies, and lets you peek inside a few sample differentiated classrooms so you can see how all the parts work together. I really can’t recommend this book highly enough…get it!

Reading about how to differentiate on paper is helpful, but seeing other teachers actually doing it will give you a far better understanding of how to implement the strategies in your own classroom.

This Edutopia video shows how one school has set up a system they call Reteach and Enrich , where time is built into the schedule every day to reteach students who haven’t met learning targetsor provide enrichment activities for those who have. Watching this process in action makes it really clear HOW to make it work:

Reteach and Enrich

In this Teaching Channel video, high school math teacher Maria Barchi demonstrates how she tiers instruction by giving different exit slips to students based on their mastery of a lesson, then adjusts instruction the following day based on their responses:

tiers instruction
Lesson Idea (Common Core) Daily Assessment with Tiered Exit Cards (5 min)
Grades 6-12 / Math / Assessment
Teaching Practice
Student-to-Student Assessment (11 min)
Grade 7 / Math / Assessment
Lesson Idea (Common Core)
Common Issues with Transformations (9 min)
Grade 9-12 / Math / Geometry
Teaching Practice
Formative Assessment: Understanding Fractions (16 min)
Grades 3-4 / Math / Fractions
Error loading player: No playable sources found

Here, second grade teacher Robert Pronovost shows how he uses two separate online programs , Planet Turtle and Dreambox, to meet students’ individual needs in 2nd grade math (Teaching Channel):

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Royal Children's HospitalFlemington Road, ParkvilleVictoria 3052 Australia